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Bryson Gray, creator of the viral challenge and hashtag #MAGACHALLENGE, is our feature for the December 2019 Issue! He wants you to stop being afraid of being conservative or supporting Trump if a Black American. His creation of the #MAGACHALLENGE has been retweeted by President Trump, as he will be announcing a winner soon of the challenge as well as talked about on Stephen Colbert.

Tell us about you and your background, growing up in North Carolina

I was born and raised in High Point, NC. I’ve always made music, and I’ve been performing since I was 16. I was in a rap group called 336 boyz, and we had a lot of success in our hometown. I’ve had songs on the radio, songs in movies, I performed on 106 & Park on BET, I’ve had songs to go viral on Vine, and more. I’m also a college dropout. I never was interested in college. I just wanted to make music at the time. I grew up with both parents in the household, also I have two brothers (one younger and one older) and one younger sister. My younger siblings now identify as conservative. My older brother isn’t into politics and my Dad is left-wing. I think my mom is a secret Trump supporter. My Dad and I argue about politics on a very consistent basis, but I’m their son regardless, so there isn’t much they can do about it lol.

The infamous Maga challenge. How and why did you start it?

The MAGA challenge started with my song “MAGA boy.” I did a short video to it on the Triller app, then I posted it on Instagram. People loved it! Another fellow conservative, Angela Stanton King, asked me to send her a version with open space so she could rap on it. Minutes later, she posted a video of her rapping to the song. I commented #MAGACHALLENGE in the comments because I thought it’ll be cool for a lot of people to do this. I guess that she liked the idea too because she edited the caption to put “#MAGACHALLENGE” in it. I then took it to twitter and asked everyone to do the same, and it started going crazy! Next thing I know…THE PRESIDENT TWEETED IT! What are the chances you know?

Bryson’s #MAGACHALLENGE video now has 3 million views and retweeted by President Trump for a contest
Thousands of Twitter users participated in the #MAGACHALLENGE, including celebrity Isaiah Washington

Late-night hosts that made fun of the challenge with videos, what is your response to them? Do you think they will ever have you on their show, so you can show them how it’s done?

People like Jimmy Kimmel took the challenge and attempted to hijack the hashtag and shine a negative light on the challenge. He purposely left black people’s raps out so he could push the “only whites people support Trump” narrative, which I find disgusting. I’ve emailed a lot of shows and radio shows that have talked bad about me and the challenge. Still, the thing about most liberals is that they’re close-minded and are afraid of dialogue with opposing viewpoints. It’s sad.

Any speaking events coming up? Excited for the MAGA Challenge invite as well?

I have a lot of events that I will be at soon. I’m apart of BLEXIT, and the next Blexit event is in January, which will be awesome! I don’t have any speaking engagements confirmed yet, but some are in the works. As far as the #MAGACHALLENGE, I’m still waiting on the White House to choose a winner, and I can’t wait!

Tell us about the amazing huge MAGA hat you wear? How’d you get the idea?

The huge MAGA hat idea stemmed from people where I’m from threatening me for wearing a regular MAGA hat, and I saw KingFace wear the big MAGA hat before. I bought it on I used to go live on Facebook with it on in random populated places around my area. They told me not to wear a MAGA hat, so I started wearing the BIGGEST one that I could find. It’s my right!

Why do liberals seemingly hate black Americans if they support Trump or are conservative? Why do they get a pass you think for that hate?

Liberals can get away with attacking black Trump supporters because “black culture” agrees with them on that. So, it’s okay as long as it’s popular and liberals take full advantage of that. It’s changing, though. Minds are changing.

Your sister who shot your photos for us is an amazing talent. How’s your relationship with her since all of this new fame has hit you?

I have a great relationship with my little sister. My family is very close. I’m so happy and thankful that you guys let her take the photos for the cover. That’s a cool story to tell when we get older. She’s a Trump supporter too. So we def have to stick together.

Bryson Gray
Photograph by Gabrielle Gray

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