Friday, May 29, 2020

Camellia Steele

She’s an artist, owns a clothing line, has been interviewed on Info Wars, and is pro-life! Oh, and she just turned 22 today! What a great way to introduce Camellia as our May 2020 feature…

We first spotted Camellia during her interview with Owen Shroyer of Info Wars in July 2019. We were planning our launch of Dep Magazine during that time and just knew we wanted her to be part in some way. The Wuhan/Coronavirus delayed this feature a bit, and we weren’t able to meet with Camellia nor photograph her personally. Still, we did everything via email, and it turned out spectacular. It’s rare in today’s political climate you see a right-leaning pro-life female being so active in voicing her opinions and facts, and we hope her story will help others to speak out and be a little more vocal. Give her a follow on Twitter and Instagram. Also, take a look at her clothing store here.

The interview with Camellia starts below.

Tell us about yourself, background, and journey plus your passion for fashion.

Growing up in Los Angeles, California I’ve always had a love and passion for visual art. When I was 13 I decided to pursue fine art as a career so I took art classes and practiced like crazy. I started selling my artwork in galleries around LA and I was doing commissions back to back and going to school at the same time so I was very busy, to say the least. I’m very fortunate to have two amazing parents who supported me along the way. When I finished high school I began working for a well-known clothing designer hand painting the artwork on the garments. I fell in love with fashion and I knew I wanted to start my own clothing line one day. A few years later I became more politically involved and
outspoken about abortion. I started my own clothing brand which represents the next generation of pro-lifers.

What led you to be so passionate about pro-life stances and voicing that? Has it always been your stance, and if so, when did you start to get involved with pro-life issues actively?

I used to be pro-choice but after doing some research I completely changed my mind and became very pro-life. The abortion industry does a great job of keeping everything behind closed doors. Women like myself are manipulated to believe that abortion is female empowerment which couldn’t be further from the truth. Historically abortion was used as
a tool to keep women oppressed and the idea that women need abortion to be happy and successful is a flat out lie.

Your art is AMAZING! We checked your Instagram, and we fell in love.
Tell us more about your art, and what triggers your creativity when going
to paint/create something new?

Thank you! I like to create art that has meaning and catches the eye. I usually get the image in my head, or I see something that inspires me, and I make it into a painting. I think visual art has a way of conveying a message on a deeper level because sometimes words just aren’t enough.

You went to the White House! Tell us more of the invite, and what that experience meant to you? Was it a positive one?

It was an incredible experience to be in the White House, and I’m honored that I was given the opportunity. Definitely, something I’ll never forget.

Do you feel the Trump admin is sincere in their outreach to Black
Americans? I believe he just hit 34% in support in a poll from Black
Americans, which is indeed encouraging.

I’m very impressed with what the President has done for our country so far, and I can’t wait to cast my vote for him in November. He’s the most pro-life President we’ve ever had, and he even spoke at the recent March for Life event in DC, which was unprecedented. I hope that the black community wakes up and sees that the abortion industry has taken advantage of and used Black Americans for profit. Margaret Sanger’s legacy is living on with her plan to wipe out the Black race. 95% of Planned Parenthoods located in Black neighborhoods and with 50% of Black babies being killed in the womb. It’s very obvious to me that they want us dead.

You describe yourself as a “Right-leaning Independent.” Do you believe that is where the traditional Republican party needs to head that route to regain public persona in regards to “being the party of old white men,” as Republicans are often labeled? Traditional Republicans seem to have a significant image issue.

I think the media’s portrayal of the Republican party is very inaccurate but people are starting to lose trust in the media and with social media and independent journalism on the rise the mainstream media is already beginning to vanish. I would like to see Republicans put more effort into youth outreach because the youth is the future, and we need to be thinking ahead.

Tell us about your clothing line. How did it start, and how has it been going? Are you designing the clothing yourself?

Well, I started my clothing line, Pro Life Generation, in August of 2019. I wanted to create something that would help amplify the pro-life movement and make it more appealing to the younger generation. I designed the shirts myself and I do everything else including photography, editing, and creating the videos plus more.

What is next for you in regards to continuing your pro-life message, the clothing line, and political outreach?

I’m going to keep being outspoken about my beliefs and fighting for justice for the unborn. I firmly believe that anyone who witnesses something unjust has an obligation to at least speak up and bring awareness because otherwise, we’ll never see any change. Abortion is the most prominent human rights violation of our time, and I hope one day, we can look back on abortion like we look back on slavery.

Camellia in an elegant photo

  • Camellia’s clothing line can be found here
  • You can follow her on Twitter here

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