Thursday, May 28, 2020

Joe Biden: “You ain’t black” if still deciding between me or Trump

Joe Biden & Charlamagne

In a cringe-worthy blunder on The Breakfast Club, Democratic presidential hopeful, Joe Biden implied that African Americans who are considering voting for Donald Trump, “ain’t Black.”

What happened: The remark came near the end of an interview with Charlamagne tha God, who for over 18 minutes, questioned the former vice president on his record, his running mate, and his plans for Black America

The video:

Charlamagne held Biden’s feet to the fire, questioning him on whether he thinks Democrats have earned the Black vote. In a long answer, Biden brought up the 1994 crime bill. “People talk about the crime bill,” he said, “the crime bill didn’t increase mass incarceration, other things contributed to mass incarceration.” 

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The Trump administration on Friday unveiled the official flag to be used by the Space Force, the newest branch of the military.

President Trump held an Oval Office ceremony where the flag was unfurled, signing a proclamation denoting Armed Forces Day alongside military leaders.

President Trump said: “Space is going to be the future, both in terms of defense and offense and so many other things,” Trump said. “And already, from what I’m hearing and based on reports, we’re now the leader in space.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden, after again emphatically denying the claim of a former staffer that he sexually assaulted her nearly three decades ago, acknowledged for the first time Thursday the dilemma now facing some potential supporters in November, saying: “They should vote with their heart.”

Joe Biden said: “If they believe Tara Reade, they probably shouldn’t vote for me. I wouldn’t vote for me if I believed Tara Reade,” Biden told Lawrence O’Donnell during an extended interview Thursday on MSNBC.

Sen. Lindsey Graham on Thursday brushed back President Donald Trump’s pleas for the Judiciary Committee chairman to haul in former President Barack Obama for testimony about the origins of the Russia investigation and the FBI’s handling of the investigation into Gen. Michael Flynn.

What happened: Trump earlier in the day Tweeted out to Lindsay Graham saying: “If I were a Senator or Congressman, the first person I would call to testify about the biggest political crime and scandal in the history of the USA, by FAR, is former President Obama,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “He knew EVERYTHING. Do it @LindseyGrahamSC , just do it. No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more talk!”


Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, went on a quite epic video rant via his Twitter tonight. He slammed Governors that are keeping states closed, calling it ‘political’, and urged them to allow people to go back to work.


Mike Garcia (R-CA) with 76% of precincts reporting, has a commanding lead over Democrat rival Christy Smith.  Garcia is leading by nearly 20k votes as of Wednesday afternoon.

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