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She is an author, successful business-women, amazingly talented, hilarious political advocate against socialism & progressives on Twitter and, in a time when there was no #METOO movement, filed a credible accusation against the then Governor of Arkansas. She was dismissed by the media, politicians as well as Bill & Hillary Clinton. Her story and our interview feature is below.

Bill Clinton’s sexual assault and rape accusers have been called “bimbos” by Hillary Clinton, most notably in a 1991 video and multiple other times. However, her tune changed come election time running against President Trump as well as during the baseless Brett Kavanaugh allegations, saying now that “Every woman should be believed.”

Every woman except the 4 plus that accused your husband, Hillary?
Hillary Clinton in 1991 referencing all Bill Clinton accusers as “bimbo eruptions.”

In 1975, Mrs. Clinton agreed to serve as an attorney for a 41-year-old man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl in a car. In recordings released a few years ago, include Clinton’s suggestion that she knew her client was guilty. Clinton used a technicality to plead down her client that faced 30 plus years to a much lesser charge.

Washington Free Beacon released tapes in 2014

Gennifer Flowers, who stated she had sexual relations with Bill Clinton, was written off by Mrs. Clinton as she called Flowers “some failed cabaret singer who doesn’t even have much of a résumé to fall back on.” She told Esquire magazine in 1992 that if she had the chance to cross-examine Flowers, “I mean, I would crucify her.”

And here we are in 2020 where virtually every woman and man that claim they were assaulted or even worse raped by another individual, we are told by the media, our Democrat politicians, and Hollywood that we are to believe these people. Also, if they don’t report the incident for 20 plus years until that accused is ready to be sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice. Where were our media and politicians for women like Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, and Leslie Millwee. Juanita had a credible witness to the incident that happened in her hotel room in 1978.

Accusations should be taken seriously, but so should the timeline of reporting the incident, witnesses, evidence, and timing of coming out and reporting an allegation. Our media and mostly Democrat politicians now tell us every woman should be believed no matter what, but unfortunately, their “heroics” for women seemingly are just for political reasons. If a prominent conservative is accused, the media runs the story 24×7 as Democrats by for protestors as the media then covers them 24×7 as well. The person is now guilty by media association before any trial or evidence is presented. Meanwhile, the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia was accused by multiple women of sexual harassment, and the media barely covered it. Oh yeah, he still is currently in office along with the infamous “blackface” Governor of Virginia.

The interview with Juanita starts below.

What were some highlights for you in 2019?

It’s always the people. When I go to a city to do a speaking event, it never ceases to amaze me the number of people who have followed my story since the 90’s.  Many have heartbreaking stories of their own and but most want me to know they have always believed me.  It’s overwhelming.

Any exciting news coming in 2020 from you?

I will continue to do speaking/book signing events when requested. Many ask on social media if I will be doing an event in their area. Events develop when a group or organization contact me wanting me to speak.  Event sponsors are responsible for my travel expenses and a speaker’s fee. All of this information is available on my website. I live on social security and cannot afford to travel much on my own. I do not have a  PR representative.  I do it all on my iPhone or MacBook. 

We along with millions of others LOVE your Twitter feed and replies! When did you land on twitter and how often a day do you dedicate to the platform?

My first twitter experience was a chain reaction. I saw a tv clip of Hillary’s famous “gaffe” – asking all victims of sexual abuse to come forward…..And be believed. I replayed that several times, not believing what I heard. This woman who threatened me decades ago had no right to say that. I asked my 12 yo grandson to teach me how to tweet and… tada. My tweet (answer to Hillary) of 1-6-16 instantly went viral. One week after my tweet, …“and be believed” was removed from her website.

In the current era of “me too” with the media believing accusers on the spot with no evidence/witnesses, can you speak on how this makes you feel knowing what happened with yourself and Bill Clinton? It seems that if a woman in today’s world accuses a conservative or Republican, even after 20 plus years such as what happened with Brett Kavanaugh, her story is believed right away. Do you agree/think that the media chooses who to believe, depending on the politics of the accused?

The Me too movement never wanted anything to do with the victims of Bill Clinton. I think they considered him untouchable and feared reprisal from those who still supported the Clinton machine. There is no doubt “Believing” is based on politics….regardless of facts and evidence.  What happened to Brett Kavanaugh was an absolute travesty and a sham.  There was no evidence or proof. Many of the congressional members who were supporting Dr. Ford refused to read my deposition with Ken Starr during the impeachment of Bill Clinton.  In 1999, all Democrats refused to read it. 

Liberals today preach “always believe the women.” How does it feel that when you told your story, the media, for the most part, did not believe you? Even with a witness, they tried to contradict you at every corner.

People are always praising me for bravery that never existed. Plain and simple… I was outed, kicking and screaming, by the Paula Jones vs. Bill Clinton case. I was successful and happy and did not want the most horrific event of my life to be exposed. I saw what they had done to the other victims of Bill Clinton, and now it was my turn to suffer the humiliation only the media can deliver. That’s when I told my story to Lisa Myers, NBC.

If you could change anything, looking back when you came out with the allegation against Bill Clinton, would you change or have done anything differently in regards to when you came out with the allegation and the handling of it?

It was not under my control. The moment those investigators for Paula Jones came to my front door and secretly recorded my conversation with them, power was delivered to the media to attack and destroy.  I could only do damage control. 

When it came out that Bill Clinton lied under perjury about sexual encounters with Monica Lewinsky, at that moment, did you feel a tide-turning your way? Even more vindication? Or you ultimately knew the media has his back no matter, and he was/is untouchable?

The look on Bill Clinton’s face when he was being questioned about Monica during the impeachment made me think it was over, and he would be removed from office. Years later, I read Dave Schipper’s book Sellout. There was one statement in there that will always stick with me. Mr. Schippers related a statement made by Ted Stevens from Alaska after he asked the committee to read my deposition. They refused, and Stevens said, “DAVE, I DON’T CARE IF HE RAPED HER AND GOT UP AND SHOT HER DEAD, YOU’LL NEVER GET THE VOTES.” IT WAS OVER BEFORE IT BEGAN.

Juanita Broaddrick with Bill Clinton in the ’70s via Getty Images.

Some people may not know, but you are a successful businesswoman, selling your businesses back in 2008. What’s a day like for you in Arkansas? Bet your huge ranch keeps you busy?

2008 was not a good year to sell and invest.  I foolishly put my money in the stock market before it collapsed.  Then I removed it and took a loss. I wish I’d known there was going to be a President Trump… I would have left it there.  😊
I sold my beautiful big home and acreage in December 2018.  So many wonderful memories, but it was time to downsize at my age. I now live in a gorgeous gated community of condos. My grandson and his mother also live here. My son, who is a local attorney, lives only 10 min away.  I moved just across the Arkansas River from Van Buren to Fort Smith.  I live alone with my two cats, George Burns and Gracie Allen. My family and friends are an important part of my daily life. 

What are you reading these days? Any favorites you’ve read this year?

I just picked up Triggered by Don Jr and just finished Witch Hunt by Gregg Jarrett.  I am a more of a Cassandra Claire, Susan Collins genre fan. …, Mortal Instruments and Hunger Games.  Weird I know for a 77-year-old.

You’ve written an amazing book! Any more on the way?

No, just the one but you never know.  

Judging from your Twitter and interviews, you are supporting President Trump and his 2020 re-election bid. Do you feel confident in his re-election even with new district maps being drawn up, and rampant voter fraud? What grade does he get from you and what’s one thing perhaps he and his administration can do better at, coming into 2020?

I am an avid Trump supporter, as anyone can tell this from my tweets. I think after he won in 2016, we let go of the ball, and it bounced out of control. We were shocked at the Democrat takeover of the House, but with the help of the Democrats in this impeachment coup and all that is about to be exposed by Barr and Durham, I truly believe we have once again gained control of that ball. Whether we keep it will also take continuous effort to expose the corruption of the left. I think President Trump will win re-election, but winning the House back and keeping the Senate will be a struggle. I am hopeful. I am on Twitter about 2 to 3 hours a day, not only supporting my President but also helping and supporting other victims of sexual assault in their efforts to be heard.

Juanita with President Trump
Juanita with President Trump
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