Thursday, May 28, 2020

‘Angel Mom’ Sabine Durden

My whole reason for being, my best friend, and my inspiration was gone. In a split second, everything that I knew was just and right, loved, and cherished was gone. His bright future and tons of new exciting adventures and moments ripped away.

The pain of no longer having my son around was becoming unbearable. My heart was shattered into millions of pieces, and there was nothing but suffering left inside of me. When we LEGALLY immigrated to the USA, my mom, sister, and childhood friends were left behind in Germany.

I had some friends here, Dominic had tons of friends and even wonderful and supportive Anthony, the man I met three years before Dom’s death and was very close to Dominic, could not stop my thoughts and heal my broken heart. I wanted out. I wanted nothing more than to be with my son and planned out a way to take care of that. No one wanted to hear about Dominic’s death and who killed him anymore, and I didn’t think my life had any value anymore.

I walked through my living room in June 2015 and heard Donald Trump talk about his run for President of the United States. I didn’t pay much attention until I heard him mention: illegal immigration. That stopped me dead in my tracks. I remember looking up, tears started to roll, and I fell to the ground on my knees. I was asking God if this was a sign for me not to give up. Is there more to come? What is it that I need to do?

Dom and Sabine with family

A few weeks later, it became crystal clear what God had in store for me. On July 10, 2015, I received a call from the Trump campaign, asking if I could meet Mr. trump in Los Angeles to share Dominic with him. I hung up first because I thought someone played a trick on me, but thank God they called back. I was in the middle of preparing and cooking for the annual Dominic Angelversary on July 12. Every year I held an open house for all his friends to come together that day, to share their pain and stories, to eat, swim, and enjoy a day of getting spoiled by Domsmom. They each deserved this because they never walked away. They stayed and were my most significant support system.

The Trump campaign called back, and I agreed to come to Los Angeles to meet the man running for President. Along with 4 other angel parents, Mr. Trump met us in a large room at the Beverly Hills Willshire Hotel. No cameras or bodyguards. Just him and us. He listened to each of us sharing our tragedies and in the end, commented he noticed that no media wants to share our stories. He informed us that would change and to come with him. He walked with us into a room full of media, awaiting his remarks. He told them that he would not talk much, but he has some people here with him that needed to be heard. With that, he pointed to me and asked me to share what happened to my son. At that time, I was still mortified to speak publicly but also realized this was it. The one change to share what happened to my child. I felt Dominic standing behind me with his hands on my shoulder and whispering: go, mom, you got this

I shared and made sure those reporters all got to know my incredible son and how he was taken out of a full and promising life. After that unplanned press conference, as I was walking out of that hotel, CNN called and requests an interview the next day. I was floored and wanted to ask what took them so long, but I gladly accepted and shared with Poppy Harlow what happened and how Donald trump single-handedly started this. It’s been a whirlwind since then. Domsmom is no longer shy to speak publicly and openly. From attending and speaking at Trump campaign rally’s, to being a guest speaker at RNC in Cleveland, to being the only angel mom ever interviewed by MSNBC. I was personally invited to the Last presidential debate in Vegas and the inauguration and the Presidential ball in Washington, D.C. I am also one of the founders of AVIAC = Advocates for victims of Illegal alien crime, a national nonprofit organization that is trying to help new victims and bring awareness to this issue. From meeting and calling politicians, to spending endless hours talking to other victim families and working on twitter to bring awareness to this epidemic of Americans getting killed/hurt by illegal aliens. My purpose and mission became very clear, and after numerous appearances on FOX, the highlight will always be, meeting President Trump at the White House.

Whether it was a round table discussion, a visit to the Oval Office, or the Rose garden for a ceremony or a press conference with VP Pence and President Trump, I felt the Trump administration cared. Finally, someone.

My last visit to the Oval Office was indeed an extra special one because I received THE pen that was used to sign a veto. ( trump vetoed a measure to overturn his border emergency declaration) What a transformation from being JUST Dominics mom, who didn’t think she had a voice, to now being known as DOMSMOM to speaking at the White House with the President and Vice President. Blessed to have a chance to meet and talk with many influential and well-known people, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol agents, politicians, and even celebrities.

From feeling life didn’t matter, to making a difference by educating people and sharing the truth about Illegal immigration and always making sure Dominic will never be forgotten.
My son did not die in vain. I will speak about him, what took him, and what is happening in our country until the day I get to join him finally.

Death threats, people walking out of my life because they think I should just be quiet and NOT talk about this hot issue, getting spit at and shoved, threatening messages on Twitter…..nothing will keep me from doing what I do FOR my son and the thousands of victims that no one talks or sometimes even know about.
The unconditional, sincere and genuine love for my son ( in life as in death) his everlasting presence and my strong faith in God, along with the incredible support of my fiancé, family and the many people that reach out with kind, encouraging words and prayers, keep me going full force until one day, there will not be another Victim of an illegal alien.
Love doesn’t die…love doesn’t change…tragedies show us what we are made of, how much strength is deep within each of us, and that life is not over. We all have a choice to waste this precious gift of life or do something with it. It’s up to each of us, and I’m glad I chose to do something.

Sabine Durden tells her Deplorables story.
Dom and Sabine

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