Thursday, May 28, 2020

Trump gives a shout out to his ‘keyboard warriors’, but they continue being picked off one by one

President Trump last night gave a shoutout to his “keyboard warriors”, tweeting: “Thank you to all of my great Keyboard Warriors. You are better, and far more brilliant, than anyone on Madison Avenue (Ad Agencies). There is nobody like you”!

While he may be correct, as the right memes way better than the left in originality and content, his keyboard warriors are being removed one by one from platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.


Jack Dorsey last year in front of Congress stated: “Let me be clear about one important and foundational fact: Twitter does not use political ideology to make any decisions, whether related to ranking content on our service or how we enforce our rules. We believe strongly in being impartial, and we strive to enforce our rules impartially.”

Conservative voices permanently or temporarily suspended by Twitter: Milo Yiannopoulos, Roger Stone, Baked Alaska, Sheriff David Clarke, Paul Nehlen, Tommy Robinson, Owen Benjamin, Candace Owens (t), Gavin McInnes, Alex Jones, Info Wars, Kris Paronto, Scott Ford (t), James Woods (t), Lady Maga (t), Laura Loomer, Alex ALX, Owen Shroyer, Paul Joseph Watson, Zero Hedge News and many more.

The defense these companies take is: They are privately run companies, and as such they have no legal obligation to comply with the First Amendment or embrace political neutrality.

Puslishers, not platforms: At the bottom of the barrel of this debate are Facebook, Twitter, and other social network software systems. As versatile as they may or may not be, they are not platforms. They want to be seen as platforms for the sole purpose of avoiding legal constraint, which costs money to work around and requires more responsibility than these companies want to be burdened with. They are publishers. It is time we stopped giving them a free ride as “platforms” as if they have no control and cannot be held responsible for what their users post. We see Facebook and Twitter banish people and remove some pages or tweets, and we see them doing their job of editing the work to be published so it meets community and legal standards. Just like a newspaper, magazine, or any publisher is supposed to do.

Munch More

A restaurant that opened for full service on Mother’s Day in defiance of state rules banning in-person dining was ordered closed by state health officials on Monday. Despite an order to close, Monday was another busy day for C&C Breakfast and Korean Kitchen in Castle Rock as they stayed open.

What happened: A video posted by Colorado Community Media showed people sitting at tables and waiting close together in a line at the counter while others lined up outside for a chance to get inside the eatery in Castle Rock about 30 miles south of Denver.


President Trump’s top intelligence adviser has declassified the names of Obama administration officials who requested the “unmasking” of former Trump national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn.

What’s going on: An official told Deplorables Mag that Grenell visited the Justice Department at some point last week and had the list with him. The move coincided with the department’s stunning reversal in the Flynn case. Speculation is the documents were with Grenell in a late Thursday video of him walking into DOJ offices with a brown satchel.


Ezra Cohen, a former intelligence aide to President Donald Trump who left the White House in 2017, is returning to the administration as a top official at the Defense Department.

What’s going on: Cohen, 34, has been named deputy assistant to the secretary of Defense for counter-narcotics and global threats, according to three people with knowledge of the situation. The position doesn’t require confirmation by the U.S. Senate. Monday was his first day.


Patients in New York hospitals must now test negative for the coronavirus before they can be discharged to nursing homes, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday.

What happened: On March 25, Cuomo signed a controversial Executive Order that nursing homes cannot deny admission or readmission on the basis of a positive or suspected COVID-19 case.


“F— Elon Musk,” was Democrat Assemblywoman’s Lorena Gonzalez’s response on Twitter at the news that entrepreneur Elon Musk planned to pull much of his company Tesla out of California.

What happened: Earlier Saturday, Musk wrote on Twitter that he planned to move Tesla’s headquarters and “future programs” to Texas and Nevada – adding that the company’s current facility in Fremont, Calif., in the San Francisco Bay area would remain open for some activity “dependent on how Tesla is treated in the future.”

Musk noted for his nearly 34 million Twitter followers that Tesla was “the last carmaker left in CA.” He referred to Tesla’s dispute with Alameda County, where Fremont is located, as “the final straw.”