French facts

French and french to english are not as popular as English, but it is also studied for travel and for business. It is believed that the French language is very melodic and refined. No wonder there is such an interesting saying: “English was created for business, German – for war, Italian – for art, French – for love.”

Like other languages ​​of the Romance group, French originates from Latin, the progenitor of most European languages, which was the official language of Ancient Rome. In the 2nd century AD, the Celts lived on the territory of modern England and France, who were later conquered by the Romans, as a result of which the Latin language was tightly integrated into the development of the French language. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the continued development of the language went its own way. And the language that we hear now is the result of two thousand years of development.

In the modern world, French is the official language not only in France, but also in a number of other countries, such as Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg, as well as in a number of African countries. French is the official language of the UN, so his knowledge is valued internationally.

Interesting facts about the French language

Many words that we often use in Russian are borrowed from French. For example, dessert, scrambled eggs, restaurant, chocolate, cafe, soufflé, champagne;

The longest word in French has 25 letters. “Anticonstitutionnellement”, which means “unconstitutional” in translation. And the longest sentence in French (out of 823 words) can be found in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables;

Presumably, the expression “not at ease” came about as a result of a mistranslation of the French word “assiette”, which has such meanings as mood, plate and condition;

For 3 centuries, French was the official language in England;

In French, only foreign words contain the letter “W”.

The traditional language of ballet is French; it was in France that the ballet era was born.

In France, when greeting, men shake hands. In an informal setting, women kiss on the cheek (sometimes it’s just a cheek touch). The number of kisses even depends on the region!