How to start translating video instructions from English?

It so happens that some foreign-made goods or services are sold with instructions only in English. And if you can try to translate a written manual with a dictionary on your own, then it will be much more difficult to perceive a foreign speech by ear. How to start working on the translation of the instructions?

Budget methods
Anyone who speaks English at the Intermediate (intermediate) level and above will not have much difficulty in translating the video on their own or with the help of dictionaries. To convey the content more accurately, it is better to take a colloquial dictionary in addition. This makes it easier to translate non-literary and slang words. To make it easier to grasp the meaning of foreign speech, you can pause the video more often. It is better to write down what you hear, in this case it will be easier to fill in the gaps (unknown or unclear words).

Another method is suitable for those who have very little command of the language. Almost every person has at least one friend who knows a little English. This could be a friend, relative, or an English teacher. If there are no such acquaintances, you can try to attract voice assistants, but their functionality is rather limited (they do not always understand technical terms, fast or fuzzy speech). If you can hear any familiar words and correlate the actions taking place on the video with them, you will be able to roughly understand the content of the video instructions. For example, it might come out with a fitness course or a selection of recipes. However, if a literal translation is needed, but there is not enough knowledge, it is better to turn to professional translators.

Thus, if there is a need for the translation of any video instruction or film, you must first try to translate the video based on your own knowledge. As a last resort, it would be wise to seek help from specialists.