In recent years the French language and french to english has actually been inundated with English words of every kind, so much so. That the resulting jargon was called “Franglais” (lit. French-English), which was the result of a combination of two words – Fran├žais (French) and Anglais (English). Here are a few examples among the hundreds of examples of similar words – are le hamburger (hamburger), le drugstore (pharmacy), le week-end (weekend), le strip-tease (striptease), le tee-shirt (t-shirt, T-shirt), le chewing gum (chewing gum), and les blue-jeans (blue jeans).

Many of these English words that entered French were denied official status by the French Academy. Recently, however, the Academy approved the borrowing into French of such words as “le pipeline” and “le bulldozer”, of course with the strict condition that they be pronounced in the French manner – “peep-LEEN” and “bool-do-ZAIR” .

Territories where French is spoken
The French Republic includes metropolitan France (the famous hexagon) and Corsica, as well as 10 overseas territories, including territories located in South America (French Guiana), in Western India (Martinique) and other dependent states such as French Polynesia and New Caledonia.

The urban population of France and french to english is mostly indigenous, but there is a growing number of people of Algerian, Moroccan, Italian and Turkish origin.